Akio Miyazaki
Born in 1956, Akio started to play the piano at age six, and the clarinet at age twelve. In 1978, he entered the Miyazaki University’s Special Music Course specializing in clarinet. He then takes up the saxophone. In 1981, he entered Berklee College of Music and after graduating from the saxophone department, returns to Japan and begins a career as a studio musician.
He has produced the following CD albums: Carl Flyvberg’s “Going Home”, Yuko Uno’s “Coffee wa Ai no Kaori (Coffee has the scent of Love)”, Akiko Okuda’s “Jinsei wa Sugiyuku (Life Passes By),” “Aisuru Toki (When I Love),” and “Kaeri Konu Seishun (The Non-Returning Prime),” the soundtrack of “The Wild Bird,” and “River,” both of which were for NHK and “Miracle Shadow.”
Akio has played the saxophone in numerous CD recordings.
He has also produced (composed and arranged) CM songs and appeared on TV on many occasions.
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